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Located in Orange County California, OC Heat Volleyball Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a high quality club experience at an affordable price. We believe in the development of the game but it should not cost a fortune. We are trying to make this club purely for the love of the game. Our community of parent volunteers alongside high level coaches makes this all possible. Our players range from 12U (12 and under) to 18U. Come join us!



(949) 346-1610 






Daniel Kim

2015-2016 club tryouts

High School Division

Tryouts are now over for high school division. Missed tryouts and want a makeup day? Please email coach@ocheatvolleyball.com. 

For those that have gotten invitations to join the team please mail your commitment letters and $300 non-refundable check deposit (made out to OC Heat Volleyball Club) to: 

PO BOX 607 26741 Portola Pkwy Suite 1E

Foothill Ranch CA 92610

Junior High Division

Crean Lutheran High School - 12500 Sand Canyon Ave, Irvine, CA 92618

Cost: $20/day


Saturday Oct3 2pm-4pm

Sunday Oct4 1pm-230pm


Saturday Oct3 4pm-6pm

Sunday Oct4 230pm-4pm

summer 2015 program

still interested in our summer programs? we still have some room in our groups...

indoor program 

  • 12U - Tues/Thurs - 5-7pm @ Columbus Tustin Middle School 
  • 14U/16U - Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs - 5-7pm @ LA Fitness Irvine (2880 Michelle Dr)

sand program 

  • 14U/16U - Mon/Wed - 5-7pm @ Cypress Grove Park (275 Rush Lily Irvine CA 92620)

conditioning program

  • Fridays 5-630pm @  Cypress Grove Park (275 Rush Lily Irvine CA 92620)

please email coach@ocheatvolleyball.com with your player's name, contact number and birthday for more information about the indoor, sand or conditioning programs


how does this all work?

Tournament Program

Each official club season begins with tryouts in August (ages 15+) or October (ages 14 & under) and ends in June. During tryouts, each player will be evaluated on their skill level. 

After tryouts, tournament coaches will select players and give them an invitation to join the team, grouping players by similar skill level. Once players are committed to the team, the coaches have until January to prepare them for tournaments. Tournament season officially starts in January and finishes in June. On average, there are usually two tournaments per month. 

(schedule for these tournaments are in the tournaments section below)

VolleyHigh Program

Our VolleyHigh program provides a way for your player to try out club volleyball without committing to an entire club year. This is a great opportunity for players looking to either begin their volleyball experience or expand on their volleyball experience coming from a recreational level. We focus on fundamentals, pure enjoyment of the game and team work with a large portion of the time dedicated to playing the game of volleyball. Teams will have two practices a week and three to four tournaments per session, all local. This is an ideal program for someone that is looking for fundamental instruction and  high levels of playing time at a fraction of the commitment of our traveling club teams. VolleyHigh is only available for 14 and under age groups. The VolleyHigh season begins after tryouts in October. You can register for it via our registration link at the top left of the navigation. Please indicate (via checkbox) that you are interested in VolleyHigh on the registration form.

practice locations

Columbus Tustin Middle School

Hewes Middle School

LA Fitness Irvine

more locations coming soon...

2016 tournament schedule

coming soon...

coaching philosophy

Volleyball is wonderful game that can be quite elegant and requires graceful teamwork, strength and vigor. It is at the same time so simple and highly complex. It requires all the players of the team to come together and work in a highly-coordinated and choreographed manner. At OC Heat, we believe in positive coaching to grow our children’s confidence, leadership skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. While winning is important, it is the by-product of a team working well together, exhibiting sincere effort, respecting themselves and each other, and having fun. The most important goal for each and every individual team member is to improve: improve their personal and interpersonal skills, improve their confidence, and improve their physical skills.


meet our coaches


sand program

We are offering a sand program this year. Improve your beach game!

We have access to five sand courts right here in Irvine. 

If you are interested, please email coach@ocheatvolleyball.com for more information. 


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